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Bearded Dragon?

I have just inherited a bearded dragon and there is a stink that will not go away. Am I going to be stuck with this? The lizard is female, 3-4 years old, alone in the cage, and...

White Pet Snake?

Any there any white pet snakes?

Bearded Dragon Playing With Phone

Not only cats and dogs are entertained, I was surprised when I saw this

Do Pet Snakes Need Shots?

Do pet snakes need shots like cats and dogs?

Turtle Eats Flies?

Hello! My red eared slider eats flies. Is it normal?

Milk Snake Doesn't Eat.

Hello. My milk snake doesn't eat. I tried to give him a live mouse and a pre-killed frozen mouse. He refused both. Any ideas why please?

2 Questions About Ball Python?

1) my beauty goes to toilet only once a month and only after I've let her swim in the bath tub for a bit. is it normal? 2) she also has ticks. anyone knows how to get rid of them...

Blue Tongued Skink Vivarium Size?

Hello, Is it ok to keep a blue tongued skink in a 60x45x45 tank or I had better buy a 90x45x45 one? Will an adult skink feel comfortable in the smaller one? The first one is...

Snake Shedding?

Could you please tell me if it's ok to feed a snake while it's shedding? How often do snakes shed? Ours shed on 11th Spetember.

Tortoise Bites Me?

Hi all. My tortoise has become rather aggressive and tries to bite me whenever I want to kiss her. She can bite my nose or lip. She wasn't like this before. I'm at a loss.

Ball Python Hisses?

when i handle my ball python he sometimes begins to brethe with a hissing sound coming out as if he had snots. but i know he has no snots. why is that happening then?

Snake Food Change?

Hello to all! I've recently switched my corn snake from mice to rats and he began to defecate more often. Can it be caused by this food change?

Insects In My Vivarium?

They are small, maybe about 1 mm, I noticed them yesterday. Either light brown or beige. They crawl on the water bowl. I tried to clean it but they came again. Now I'm going to...

Gloydius Snake Bite?

I have a small Gloydius and would like to know what first aid must be done in case of a bite. I handle him very carefully but just want to be prepared for any situation. The information...

Feeding Ball Python For The First Time...

when I put a live hopper mouse in my ball python's cage...he was just scared of it. rolled up and hid his head. now i'm wondering... when should i try again? in 2-3 days or tomorrow...
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