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Snake Refuses To Eat

Hi all. I have a Cyclagras Gygas, 5 years old, female. She's had a fine appetite so far and perfect shedding schedule. We had to move recently and her last shedding coincided with...

Questions About Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard...

Hi, I haven't managed to find answers to a number of questions about my Blue-tongued Lizard so I hope someone here can help me. 1. Is it normal that he doesn't want to eat vegetables...

Transporting A Turtle?

Hi I have 2 red eared sliders and I'll have to move with them in a week. How can I transport them safely?

Feeding Shrimps To A Red Eared Slider...

Could you please tell me if shrimps must be given raw to a read eared slider? I've only seen half-boiled frozen shrimps in shops, are they OK to give the turtle too?

Eublepharis And Gecko?

I've got a 60-40-80 tank with Eublepharis. They don't need such heights and I've been thinking of getting a gecko that would climb the lianas and tank walls, love hot conditions...

Ball Python?

my cinnamon ball python has been lethargic lately...she doesn't have any symptoms of a respiritory infection but isn't moving around like she used to and starts shaking when she...

Feeding A California Kingsnake

Hello, My California Kingsnake is now 50 cm, when can I feed him an adult mouse?

Signs Of Ball Python Shedding?

is there any schedule for a ball python's shedding? what are the signs it's going to shed? thanks

World's Fastest Turtle

Who would think!

Snake Not Eating :(

my little snakey baby wont eat! ordos does but no interest from verdelt at all! when we rescued them we was told they had eaten 2 weeks before so it was feeding time and we got...

Terrarium Size Question?

Hi, I'm about to get 2 tortoises and was wondering about the size of a terrarium for them. Will 60x40 cm be enough? The tortoises are about 11 cm. Thanks

Red Eared Slider Doesn't Eat?

Please help if you can! My Red Eared slider hasn't been eating for 2 weeks. He's active, swims a lot but behaves noisyly trying to ruin the small island he's got. He sheds a lot...

Bearded Dragon And UV Lamp

hi i recently got a bearded dragon and i'm a newbie at having them so i've got a question. do i have to keep the UV lamp on at night? thanks

What Do Turtles Eat?

What is the common food that is OK to be given to turtles?

Venomous Snakes As Pets

Can people keep venomous snakes as pets?
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