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Central Bearded Dragon Care

Hi I've got a problem keeping a Central Bearded Dragon... the person I got it from is not sure how to take care of it. To start with: what bedding is better? Sand, pebble, shavings...

Geko Memory Span

Does anyone know what is an average memory span of gekos?

Red Tail Boa?

Hi we have a five year old red tail boa, We moved her into a larger space and have tried three times to feed her. The last two rats she has killed and left. She didn't eat the...

Chester Won't Eat!?

So my friend just joined the air force and couldn't take his ball python with him. I willing agreed to watch and take care of chester for him, until he can take him back. However...

Iguanas Do The Same Thing We Do In The...

Did anyone tell him it's not a good manner? Haha!

Can Snakes Tie Up Themselves In Knots...

Well, this must be a dumb question but I have always wondered. Can snakes tie up themselves in knots? If yes, can they release themselves easily then?

Tortoise Helps Tortoise

An incredible example of a tortoise helping its mate.

Tortoise Vs Turtle?

Hi all, maybe this is a worng forum to post it in but I believe some of you can answer this question. What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Is it a linguistics...

If You Can't Afford A Dog To Protect Your...

get a turtle! I'm wondering if this is a motorized one though, he's speedy!

The Latest Fashionable Lizzard

I really can't stop surprising at how creative the nature can be. Did the author of the superman just steal the idea? The vivid red-and-blue colouring is almost uncannily...

Crazy Turtle Dance

Well, that's silly, but it made me smile.

Killer Tortoise

That's really crazy. What the heck is the tortoise doing??

Giant Python And Kid Sambath

A unique affection.

Turtle Loves You

I don't want to write that love is in the air because they are both male but....

Jesus Lizard

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