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My Ball Python Hasn't Ate?

My ball python hasn't ate in a little over a month. We have tried the dead pinkies and live he won't even strike at it. We haven't even seen him open his mouth to yawn or anything...

HELP My Baby Corn Snake Wont Eat?

I have a corn snake about 3-4 months old (I think) she weighs around 9 grams and is about 12 1/2 inches long. She has been eating two pinkies a week with the last owner and when...

Good Pet Snakes

good morning! pls. help me guys i look for good pet snakes. good means they should be small. easy to take care for and enjoy handling. suggestions please? god bless!

Corn Snake Color Morphs

What are the most beautiful corn snake color morphs in your opinion?

My Chameleon Does Not Want?

My chameleon does not want to open his mouth and eat And I don't see his tonugue grabbing his worms

I Have Seen A Post?

I have seen a post about a person's adult male cornsnake not eating... my female is nearly 4 and she won't eat either... she hibernates most of day and when I try feed her she...

What's The World's Most Poisonous, Venomous...

What's the world's most venomous snake? Does anyone have an idea? I've heard different opinions such as Taipan, Death Adder, Beaked Sea Snake, Riesvie Tiger Snake... but I'm still...

Are Snakes Affectionate?

Ok so they can't cuddle like cats or dogs but do they bond with their owners and recognize them among other people (visitors etc)?

Thawing Mice In Water Without A Bag?

Will the snake still want the,pinkie mouse if I thawed it in the warm water but forgot to put it n a bag first? My son just put the mouse in the water will it still eat it?

I Am Moving?

I am moving from Indiana to Georgia with my corn snake what is the best way to keep her safe and what do I use to move her in with?

My Snake Has Bit Himself?

my snake has bit himself and cant get free what do I do???

Most Interactive Pet Reptile?

Hi all, I am a beginner in the reptile area but I generally love all of them except spiders I wanted to know which is the most interesting pet to have, the one you can interact...

3Yr Old Corn Snake Wont?

3yr old corn snake wont eat

Ball Python Question?

I just got my.bp yesterday, he was shipped over to me from a breeder, i know hes stressed and possibly hungry since they would feed him every tuesday ,but hes been striking ....


We purchased baby corn snake 2/23. It is now 4/12. Every time we feed, he regurgitates approx 18 hrs later. He has nice clean aquarium, 80F, plenty of hiding and climbing for...
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