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Caring For Veiled Chameleon While On Holiday...

I have a healthy two year old chameleon, and ill be going on holiday for nine days. Will it be possible to just leave lots of crickets? (I have a time misting system which will...


what makes snakes good pets ?

Taming A Milk Snake?

Hello! I bought a milk snake this morning. He's 6 months old. I released him in the tank and he immediately hid in the shavings and lied without movements. I tried to take him...


do snakes poop and pee on people because i have one and i want to find out if it pees or poops on you


my royal pythons eyecaps have not come off during shed ive been trying to get them off for 2 weeks now but no joy any tips they are very clean and well stuck plus to make it that...

Ball Python?

My ball python is 1.5-2 years old and is 2.3ft. I have had him for 3 months now and am still unsure of how much and often i should be feeding him as I hear so many different things...

Food Size For Boa Constrictor

I have a boa constrictor, he is 1.7m in length. I want to give him an 8 months old rabbit but I wonder if it's too big fom him?

Ball Python Meal Question?

my snake ate a larg rat yeaterday afternoon and today at night he is laying half way belly up? could it have been too big? if so, what should i do?

Ball Pythons?

I have a babby ball python and I know they are only supposed to eat once a week but im just wondering if she would eat if she wasn't hungry. Like fish if you keep feeding them...

What To Put In The Cage With Snake

I am about to get a ball python but I never owned a snake as a pet before so I'd like to know what do you usually put in the snake cage. Thanks!

Dehydrated Crested Gecko

I have a crested gecko who is very dehydrated. Can anyone help me out on the best way to rehydrate her? PLEASE!! I don't want to lose her!

Two Snakes In The Same Vivarium

I was wondering if it would be safe to put two types of snakes in the same tanktogether, or would you recommend separate tanks? I'm talking about a Corn snake and a Ball Python...

Companion For Milk Snake

Hi I've been thinking of getting a more spacious tank for my milk snake with getting her a companion at the same time ^^ What species can they live with? Will she get on with a...

I Am A New Corn?

I am a new corn snake owner and my snake has been fine he usually hides underneath his shelter where it is warmer but today when I went into his vivarium he was hid underneath...

Ball Python?

I have an arbutis branch in my tank for my ball python to climb on is it safe for her
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