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Um I Need To Now?

um i need to now if the snake we have in our house as a pet is dangerous .we've tried searching it from the internet,but could not find it.it looks like a gopher snake,its eyes...

Lizard And Fire Bellied Frog?

Hi. There is a store called sunsations and it is selljng alizard which i belive is a anole lizard and i already have fire bellied frogs and i was wondering if they could both...

Corn Snake Temprature?

I have a heat lamp in my tank and that's my only heat source is that enough or should I get a heat pad? The lamp gets to 24-26 c on the cool side so is it enoug? And if it is...

How Long Is A Snake's Memory Span?

Ok.. snakes have brain, and thus do they have a memory span and how long is that? Can they remember people&things just like dogs&cats? If it's possible, I wonder if memory span...

I Recently Found A Baby?

i recently found a baby gopher snake on my porch and was wondering what its diet would consist of....he/she is too small to eat mice

What Are The 7 Basic?

what are the 7 basic needs of a boa constrictor

How Do Blue Bellied Lizard?

how do blue bellied lizard shed

Hi I Purchased My Anery?

Hi I purchased my Anery corn snake who's name is Indie three weeks ago and feed her every Tuesday. She has taken every feed iv given her with no problems. I fed her Tuesday and...


im going to be buying a year old corn snake what is a good time to wait after takeing it home should I wait to take it out of the cage

Corn Snake New Home?

So I just got a baby fancy corn snake yesterday (Saturday). We put her in the tank and right away she burrowed. She's been in the same spot for the past two days, but she does...

My New Corn Snake Questions!?

I have a new corn snake his names Bruce and I'm a very impatient person so of course when I woke up the first day I wanted to handle him haha. He seems very relaxed and just curious...


my emai address Email Removed .....hi i have a turtle that i would like to find a nice home for..if you can help please get back to me....im located in philadelphia

New Corn Snake Owner?

how long after i get my corn snake should i handle him?? and I cant get the humidity level to to stay up unless i mist the tank a bunch of times daily... what should i do...

My Brothers Snake Is Not?

My Brothers Snake Is Not Eating And Will Not Drink Water But He Moves Very Slowly What's Wrong With His Snake??

Turtle Adoption?

I am moving, and have 4 Pa native turtles I want to give to a good home. How do I go about doing do on this group? -Thanks Mike Email Removed
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