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How To Introduce Two Snakes?

Can I keep two male cornsnakes in the same tank and if yes how do I introduce them? Thanks. Adel

My New Corn Snake?

so i just got a new baby corn snake today and im wondering when it will be okay to start handeling it, ive already held it twice today and it seemed fine but i just put it in...

Bearded Dragon's Diet?

Besides insects, what food is OK to give to Bearded Dragons?

What's Wrong With Our Musk Turtle?

We have a musk turtle who has been healthy since we got him. The other day he stopped wanting to eat, and this morning he seemed very pale and was floating sideways. Also, his...

Baby Corn Snake?

Ok I am planning on getting a new corn snake and I was wondering about the cage set up I am planning on getting those small cages till he gets a little bit bigger. So I kow I have...

Most Popular Pet Snake

What pet snake is known to be the most popular? Thx

Snake Care

i found this when i was researching what to think about when i was looking to buy a snake. i hope you find it useful. i was not awake of some of the considerations. If you’re...

My Snake?

my boa has fleas in his tank and im wondering if i need to treat him with something the fleas came from my cats lying on top of his tank , please help and do fleas actually bite...

What Is The Longest Type Of Snake?

Does anyone know what is the longest snake on Earth?

Best Snake For First Time Owner?

I can't wait to get a pet snake.. my first pet snake! But they're all so awesome that I got lost. What snake would you recommend for the fist time owner? It's better if it's not...

Corn Snake Gender?

How and when can I tell the gender of a corn snake? I want to get 2 to mate.

Help Needed

so as many of you know i seem to be getting new pets every couple of weeks and yesterday my husband came home with 2 "baby" snakes (we belive they are about 6 months old) he...

Egg Laying?

Does a snake have a "vent" to lay eggs like a chicken?

Best Pet Snakes?

hai what types of snakes make the best pets in your opinion? by best i mean they are easy to take care of and fun to interact with thanks

Can A Tortoise Die If It's Flipped Upside...

Someone told me that but I don't know if it's true.
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