i've not been online for a while and now that i came i see so many changes! when did this happen?? ^_^ i really like it! congrats! Emotion: party
Hi Meercata, thank you! Emotion: smile It happened only about 2 days ago, so you're not late at all. Emotion: big smile
yippee i don't think i've missed much then ^^ i really love the new look of pictures they are so large! and the home page is great i can see all activity there and won't miss anything ^^
It's very nice I just have to get used to this all over again! LOL. I was just getting used to this site.
yes i was a bit confused at first too but i think the new system is very friendly i'm already used to it ^_^ i hope you'll get used to it soon too!
I'm sure I will, I'm just not on Facebook so I'm not used to this way of doing things but I'm sure it'll be great and it does seem a little easier.
Hey peeps what happened here? Emotion: big smile I don't even know where to begin, I have so much to catch up on: posts AND new stuff on the site! And while i'm typing this I see bubbles moving in the footer! lol this is great! Whow well done, going to go see what's new Emotion: smile

I think it says it all. Great job guys!

I hope I won't by accident step into the aquarium at the bottom. (Excuse me in advance if I break anything.)

I SU'd the xmas article and remembered that I haven't been here in like forever! Sorry guys! and ive missed so much it seems, the website looks great! I wanted to make an announcement, it's not called that anymore right?