Angel, my alleged foster dog that I posted about in the "Another Uh-Oh" thread has now been legally mine for 2 hours now. And guess what, after her face was shaved and the rest of her coat trimmed, what was found was what looks 100% like a purebred Chinese Crested Powderpuff. She has the build, the fur, the correct face shape and the right skin. What the heck was such a sweet young girl found wandering around stray and no-one claiming her? Well, I've certainly benefitted! We start obedience class on Saturday, and as soon as I have her under good voice control, we'll be starting agility classes. Meanwhile, she's having a good old time alternating between curling up in my lap and running around the yard at full speed.
Also in good news, Tanner, my 16 year old toy poodle in kidney failure that I thought I was going to have to put down a couple of days ago seems to have rallied, is eating well again and is back to pestering the cats. Old boy's got a bit more life left in him yet. He likes Angel, as she's warm and soft and fuzzy to curl up with.
That makes 4 dogs and 3 cats . . . eek.

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