Yesterday I put these new soft claws on Olivia but she seems very annoyed about it and constantly tries to take them off! I'm scared she can really do that and swallow them by accident. She never wore them before. Will she get used to this or should I take them off?
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That's totally normal, It just feels like there's something stuck on her nails so she wants to get them off but she will get used to the feeling very soon! what I found that is best to do is just distract her, if you see her messing with it just try and play with her or do whatever you can to get her mind focused on something else she will soon forget about it. It should also tell you in the instructions too that they probably won't last her for more then a week or two the first time but she will get used to it very quickly!

where did you get them by the way? if you got them at the original 20$ price than go on ebay you can find them there for 2-3$ and you get 40 of them! just to let you know because their price at the stores is just ridicules and your gonna have to change them quite frequently until she gets used to them.
Yes she's been doing better! She still wants them off sometimes but it's not happening all the time like on the 1st day! I got them on ebay right, long ago someone told me it was cheaper there. =)
By the way do you think these things are healthy? What I'm thinking about nail polishing women do, it's not recommended to have your nails polished all the time as it's not so great for the nail plate. Isn't it the same with cats what do you think?
cat's nails are different, actually other then the fact that the nails grow and and caps fall out, their nails actually peel off and renew themselves all the time, so when the nail is ready to freshen itself up the cap falls with it so it does its totally fine! when I put the caps on I make sure to clean the nails with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol I'm a (human) nail technician so I was taught to be crazy about nail and hand hygiene, but cats also use litter boxes, dig in stuff and generally never groom their nails so I think its just important to keep them clean even without caps, but no I don't believe there is any risk Emotion: smile
Joleen Cohenand generally never groom their nails
Miky does! I see him bite his nails occasionally... one of the reasons I'll never use those soft paws. But he's not a scratcher luckily, so I don't really need them. Emotion: smile
haha he does ? never seen any of my cat lick their nails did see them do lick their paws and nail pads but the dirt just accumulates there (I think it also depends on the hair length short haired cats get their nails dirty easier) Emotion: smile
Yes he does! He doesn't just lick his nails but really bites them. I saw that clearly several times. My couch has a cat resistant upholstery which he can't grab hold of, so when I see him bite his nails I keep thinking he is trying to pick the "right" sharpening to be able to cling to it. As I said he's not a scratcher but who knows a cat's mind! Ahaha.
wow that's a first! cat's can do crazy things though so who knows! you can never fully understand why they do the things they do haha
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