I'm still looking for my next competitive dog (I'm working hard now just to get back soon to my dogs sports activities). I've heard about the breed Brittany: a very active or hyperactive dog, that is very intelligent, absolutely full of themselves, and the best of all that you most train them or you won't be able to live with them. So it seems like a perfect "loving dog" for training in agility, flyball or anything. Can someone tell me an experience with these breed?
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I have to admit I had not heard of the Brittany Spaniel until a friend told me they had one.
I think the fact you are saying train them to live with them is about right. When my friend went into it she was told exactly how they were. However she didn't think they would be any different to any other dog. If he gets a glass with something in ..he will break and eat the glass to get to the bottom.
He gets frozen food out of her freezer even though they put the strongest elastic parcel ties ie the type used on cars and motor bikes. We went round for the evening and I wanted to meet him. I have never seen a dog get in and attempt to clear a table as he did. Mind you if you train your dogs I guess that makes all the difference . I would say judging by what I have seen with my friends they are very very intelligent ~ and you have to be one step ahead.
Good luck.
Yes always will agree that in any case if you train your dogs would make a big the difference
I'm for the most part a lurker, but I own two Brittanys (both rescue dogs). They are very smart and easy to train. They are not hyper, but very active. In the house, both my boys are very laid back. Outside is quite another story. they are bred to hunt and that's what they like most. Because of their love to hunt they are pretty much self excercising. I can put them out in the yard and they are content to hunt squirrels, birds, and lizards all day long.

Somehow, I can't imagine them for flyball as neither of my guys are interested in balls whatsovever. They do quite well in agility (especially indoors), but outside they will tend to put their attention on hunting and can forget what they are there for. Like I say, they love hunting and I have heard that most Britts do not like playing with balls and retrieving, but will gladly get a bird from the field and retrieve it.
They probably are considered hyper as they have so much energy that most people are not prepared for their puppyhood. A tired Brittany puppy is a well behaved dog. A fair amount of Britt pups in up in resuce because if they are not excercised on a regular basis and they can destroy a house. And they do tend to be like pups for a couple of years. Even my 8 year old, will grab a shoe and race out the door with it every so often, just for the fun of it. When we rescued our youngest (on his first birthday) I spent several months retrieving missing shoes and bras from the backyard that he was constantly carrying outside. Neither one of my dogs however chewed anything in the house.

They are fantastic dogs, very clownish, but if are are into activities with your dog, they will most enjoy hunt tests. I had both my guys out on hunt tests with no training whatsoever and they both did fantastic, in spite of me.
They are both super loving and extremely gentle dogs. One is super obedient and the other more stubborn. They make incredible family dogs and companions, but it takes patience to get them through puppyhood. Right now as I type, one is standing here with his head on my lap waiting patiently for me to take them to the park. Which is exactly where I'm heading to now. Hope I filled you in. May not be what you want to hear, but they are perfect dogs for me. Janice