I went to a TICA cat show (USA) the other day & was amused to see a "cat agility" arena, a fenced (plastic mesh) area containing tunnels, ramps, ladders, & hoops for participating cats to run through. They can get ribbons for this. Half the cats ran outside the tunnels, leaped off the ramps (they don't like walking down ramps) & generally showed the thing for the farce it was. My favorite cat kept trying to climb the (about 8 ft) mesh fences to get out.
Maybe dogs like "performing" on such obstacle courses..but it seems to me cats already know they're the most agile creatures on the planet. And we love them because they don't "perform"!
When I went to our last cat show my Icarus was spitting, hissing and sqiping at all the judges. A judge in the last ring suggested that he might be just perfect for the agility test as his personality was perfect for it. Icarus certainly has proved his agility as he is always trying to climb the enclosed cat barrier on the back porch. Yesterday he actually scaled part of a wall very quickly to climb over it but I was there to catch him. It was amazing to see this but Japanese Bobtails are known to be powerful jumpers due to their hind legs.

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