My next door but one neighbour, Sophie has got a new pair of cats. For any normal next door but one neighbour then all would be fine but she has a really bad reputation with pets.
She "lost" one of her rabbits and didn't even bother to find him but then I didn't really expect her to; she didn't look after them in the first place! Then the other mysteriously dissapeared. Couple of months later she gets two more. Two days go by and I go over to see them: she's being good to thm at the moment. One week later: she's not interested in them and doesn't care. She already has an unneautered tomcat that she dragged around on a lead when he was a kitten that she ignores and an older she cat that she completely ignores. Weirdly enough her old cat, Jazz, ranaway - I can't imagine why! Then a while later one of her rabbits dissapear. Then while she's busy not walking her golden retriver, Archie, her cat has runnaway. ---- Don't worry he's fine he's just found a new home where people actually care for him ------ So while she announces that Archie is "dead" and she "mourns" for him (yeah, right!) even though she hasn't even bothered to look for him, her other rabbit goes. Two days later she has a new kitten named Oscar. Before he was even 1 year old he was hit by a car! I felt so sorry for him - Rest in peace Oscar! She didn't even care! I don't cry much but even I did when Tilly was put down.
So now she has two new kittens to replace Oscar! One's a black and white the other is grey and white - both toms, which we're not exactly short of around where I live! I hope they last longer than Oscar!
Sounds like the reckless type. Some people want things that they can't take care of. Have you tried to talk to her and find out why she behaves that way towards her pets? I think you should...