Our Brittany has been having weird sores on his nose for about half a year. They're hard, painful and filled with pus. When they start they're smooth and shiny and then after a few weeks they become lumpy. We've had hard financial time so we've been treating him at home and tried lots of shampoos, soaps, flea and worm medications but nothing works. If you could possibly direct us at the right solution we'd really appreciate it. Perhaps there are some home remedies we've not tried but if you think a trip to a vet is unavoidable we'll find a way to make it. We really need help. Thanks a million in advance.
It sounds like either canine Lupus or a bacterial infection. You should most definitely take him to the vet, especially because it's been going on for a half a year.
It can also be pemphigus. Only a vet can make the right diagnosis I'm afraid. We here can only have guesses.