A week ago I got a spider - Aphonopelma Seemanni. He's about 4-5 months age, I'm trying to give him Zophobas morio but he refuses to eat it. What's wrong? Are they too big for him or he's not fully adapted to the new home? Please advise.
What are the conditions you keep him in? Spiders may need some time to get used to a hew home and they can be quite picky eaters during this period, if they'll eat at all. Another reason can be a coming shedding.
Hi I have a similar question... my spider doesn't eat... I've put my Smithi 3L into a 25x25x25 tank. I also put a coconut there so that he's got a shelter. The problem is that he's been hiding there for about 20 days and refuses to eat anything. Can it be because the tank is too large for him?
Yes the tank seems really too big for him! You should put him in a smaller home, 200ml size is fine for a 3L. But this won't necessarily solve the eating problem because he may keep refusing food till next shedding. Sometimes Smithi refuse food for 1-2 months without an obvious reason.
He could be going into pre molt