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Feeding A Tarantula?

Can I give my tarantula any insects other than crickets? How about some veggies?

Beginner's Spider?

Hi what spider would you suggest for a beginner to have?

Frog Sitting Like Human

Can this be real?

The Spider Who Couldn't Hide

It's neither a puppy nor a kitten but I still find it cute, and the guy's comments are so apt!

Mold In Spider's Tank?

Hi. It's been a while since I noticed mold in my spider's (tarantula) tank and started fighting it. Humidity is medium level, temperature is 21-24C, ventilation is fine too. I...

Where Do Grammostolas Live?

where do grammostolas live?

Wild Spider As Pet?

Can I have a wild spider as a pet if I catch one in my house?

Tarantula Haters

I had a 'pleasure' of talking with tarantula hater 'tis morning. Have you ever dealt with peeps that fear t's and REALLY think they shouldnt be pets just because of 'tis fear?...

Do Spider Legs Grow Back?

If a spiders loses a leg, will a new one grow?

Most Popular Pet Spiders?

Hi, my question is short: what species make the most popular pet spiders?

When Should I Feed My Spider?

What time of the day is best to feed my tarantula? Morning or evening? Thank you.

Odd Smithi's Behavior!?

Is it possible that a Smithi eats his own front legs?? He's been doing some odd movements as if he bites them! What can it be??

Why Do People Get Scorpions As Pets?

hi there, i have a question to those who have pet scorpions. why did you choose this species? why did you want to get exactly a scorpion? please share you thoughts.

Savanna Monitor Eating Problem?

the problem is that he refuses to eat or eats very little. even if he eats something he can throw it up in a while, it's happened 2 times already. he sleeps most of the day......

Aggressive Grammostola Rosea

HI all I'm a newbie in spider keeping so I hope for your understanding and advice. I bought an adult Grammostola Rosea, the abdomen is about 5-7 cm. He's big, gorgeous, and he...
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