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Tarantulas And Other Pets

Hi to all! I've been thinking about getting a tarantula because I've always been fond of them, but how dangerous are they to cats and dogs and other house pets? I know a lot of...

Flight With A Tarantula

Do tarantulas tolerate flights in airplanes well??

Venomous Scorpions

Hi, are scorpions venomous throughout the year or there are certain periods when they are more /less venomous?

Pet Spider Doesn't Move?

Hi. My pet spider has been on the wall for several hours and he doesn't seem to have moved at all. What can I do about it and should I??

Where Do You Keep Spiders?

Hello folk! I've always been wondering... those who have spiders, where do you keep them? Do you allow them to crawl everywhere or you keep them in a cage, for safety's sake?...

What Do You Do When A Spider Escapes?

Hello everyone, I want to get a terrarium with some spiders, but prior to that I have to know what I must do in case a spider escapes? Has anyone faced such a situation and what...

How Often Should I Feed Amphibians?

What is the best schedule to feed amphibians? I know it should not happen every day but several times a week, but how often? And how do I know if I don't overfeed it or, to the...

Fire Belly Toads(2) Checklist And Care...

my brother is getting 2 fire belly toads in a 20 gallon long tank what do we get ps i would also like care tipsthanks

Temperature And Humidity For Tarantulas

Hi all. Does anyone know what the best temperature and humidity conditions for tarantulas are? Thnx in advance.

World's Most Poisonous Spider

I've just posted the same question about snakes, but this time it's about spiders. What's the world's most poisonous (venomous) spider? Don't think that I'm obsessed with venom...

Terrarium - Mixing Species

Hello, I have a 80 x 60 x 40 terrarium. Until recently I had two corn snakes which unfortunately both died of illness. Since the birth of my son shortly thereafter, I didn't get...

Incy, First Vegetarian Spider

October 11, 2009 Scientists have discovered the world's first vegetarian spider, the officials repot. Bagheera kiplingi, a South American species, lives almost exclusively...

Spiders Make Golden Silk

There are many amazing things in the nature, and one of them is spiders making the golden silk! According to the Wired Science report, a rare textile made from the silk of more...

Giant Centipede Vs Tarantula

At first, I thought the tarantula would "win"!

33 Days Locked Up With Scorpions

Holly heavens, no I am shocked!
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