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Superworm Scare?

I have a new White’s Tree Frog that was passed on to me because it’s last owner did not want it. I did research into how to house it and how often to feed it, but I only now found...

Cane Toad Trying To Get Out Of Tank?

I just recently got a pet cane toad and he/she is desperately trying to hop out of the tank. Will it eventually calm down? Is there is a reason its doing it? All responses are...

Why Do People Get Spiders As Pets?

One of my friends is obsessed with having spiders as pets. He doesn't have any at the moment but he is going to get some in a while. The idea of having pet spiders seems sorta...

Spider Doesn't Eat?

A week ago I got a spider - Aphonopelma Seemanni. He's about 4-5 months age, I'm trying to give him Zophobas morio but he refuses to eat it. What's wrong? Are they too big for...

Baby Tree Frogs?

does anyone know where to get fruit flies for tree frogs in Hong Kong?

Tarantula Tank Size And Other Questions

Tarantula beginner here. What size should a tarantula tank be? Can I keep 2 tarantulas of the same sex in one tank and how bigger will it have to be in this case? Which pair is...

Pet Spider Names

Please could you share some ideas about a name for my new female tarantula?

How Do I Know Spider's Sex

I have to take care of a Brachypelma klaasi. How do I know if it's male or female?

Mystery Toad?

I uploaded a couple pictures of some toads I recently caught an I was wondering if any of you knew what kind they are? They are quite small. I live in southern alberta.

My Mexican Golden Red Rump Tarantula?

she is about 6 years old, and for a week now she seems to be very off balance and wobbles around, she struggles to walk & move around in her glass box. she has been eating, but...

Overheated Black Widow?

Is there something i can do to help my black widow? I left her outside in her glass container...holes in her lid of course. But I usually bring her in during peak "hot times"...

Do Scorpions Glow In The Dark?

I have seen pictures of scorpions glowing in the dark. Were they photoshopped or scorpions can do that for real??

Most Popular Pet Amphibians

What are the most popular pet amphibians?

Are Pet Tarantulas Easy To Care For?

I was thinking about getting an exotic pet. My attention was caught by pet tarantulas. May I pls have some advice from a tarantula owner. Are they easy to care for?

Mammoth Bird Eating Spider

Hi I got an argument with a mate about spiders being able to devour birds. I cannot imagine that a spider can do that and he kept saying there is "mammoth" spider or something...
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