How to treat? My boyfriend has a female Bearded Collie with this problem: her nails are split at the tip. He says it's because she likes to dig in the yard and walk on the wet grass 3 hours a day but I tend to blame the diet. The nails are split on the back legs too. She's on dry First Class Adult and I've always thought it's a premium class pet food that contains all necessary nutrients. She is 2 years old.
I agree it must be something with her diet, dogs nails are very strong and they are meant for digging and should not just split apart like that no matter what. I know it is best to not clip their nails when they are wet for example after a shower because they absorb the water and can split but they should not just split like that on a regular basis and I'm pretty sure it has to do with his diet something that is making his bones weaker and causing his nails to split.
Remember that the word "premium" doesn't always mean its good, any brand can call themselves "premium" but the food is not good at all and even a really pricey food can sometimes not be what the dog needs, so don't look at price or brand names, I would suggest instead you visit the vet for a blood test, to see what he needs exactly and by that get him the right food that will give him all the nutrition he needs, maybe even look at including wet food in his diet or even going raw if you can afford it.
Also remember if your going to change foods do it slowly and start by mixing the new food and the old food together and slowly increase the amount of the new food and lower the amount of the old food just to make it easier on him health wise and to let him get used to the taste as well.
Great that's what I needed to know! I'll show your post to my boyfriend and hopefully we'll schedule a vet visit.
I am still baffled about food though. First Class site says "veterinarian style food developed specifically to keep dogs and cats healthy". If you're right then it means we customers should never ever believe statements like this? Emotion: tongue tied
It really depends I used to feed my cat Hill's science plan which is actually a veterinary food where I used to live you could only get it at the vets, in the US i see it in pet shops too though, and it really helped him because he was having trouble gaining weight but basically any company can say anything they want and write anything they want on the package thats why its important to know what you are looking for and that's why you should look at the blood test results, see what he is lacking and then look at the back of the food bag to see what it contains, I recmmend looking for reviews on it online as well, everyone says food like Royal Canine or Eukanuba are the best but I had really bad experience with them so just make sure you do the blood test, check what the food contains and search for reviews online. the vet can also recommend what food you should give him.
What bad experience with Eukanuba did you have may I ask? It's important for me because I was about to try this brand, I have seen it in pet stores lots of times and it's among the expensive class food. Surely I'll search for more info and reviews (and the vet is not cancelled) but I'd really love to hear your story.
nothing too specific I've heard a lot of people that feed this and are satisfied, from what I know it's a really good brand I've just passed so many foods with my cat because he had digestion trouble when he was younger plus he has a problem gaining weight, my dog has a problem loosing it so when I give a food I track how they are doing on it and that means looking at their feces, checking their weight regularly and also just checking how their appetite is doing. A lot of brands of pet food fill the food with stuff that makes it smell and taste really strong which will make the pet eat more then it usually would if the food was also making him full and healthy, this makes pet owners think if their pet likes it it must be good when in fact it can cause obesity plus other really bad health problems like kidney stones or urinary infections, so when I say I had a bad experience It just means it didn't do what I hoped it would for my dog, I know a lot of people who feed it and heard a lot of good things about it I just didn't like it myself I was just trying to make a point that you shouldn't always go for a brand name because it may not be exactly what you need, I do however think you should try it if you find it may be a good choice after you do the blood test! I've also heard nothing but good things about "origin"
My younger dog had this problem on all his paws but it was gone itself I didn't manage to notice what was causing it.