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Subject: Re: Split Tongue

Date: 07/16/2003 9:05 PM Pacific
It has been split. When I first got him back, he wouldn't eat and there was an odor coming from his mouth. I asked around and figured it was sour crop. I made a vet appointment, but he got better on his own.
Thanks for the replies, and as for checking with the Humane Society/Animal Control there is one slight problem my 7-year-old son turned the hose on our officer the last time she came by my house to tell me my dogs were out! She muttered something, as she dripped, that sounded like "You'd better never need us again."

Were you standing in the backround laughing? Why would your son turn a hose on someone? At seven it's a concious decision. I can honestly say I do not know a single seven year old who would do that. Has he seen you do it and thought that's the thing to do? I'd hate to live in your neighborhood.