My 1yr old female is spraying all around my new house. She is in heat, but the vet says that it's not related to her spraying. She will be spayed in 2 weeks. I read the posting about Odokill and Odokleen and will be getting those today. I need some solution/repellent to stop this behavior. I have a water spray bottle, but I can never catch her in the act. She sprays on hard objects, walls, refrigerator, table, entertainment center, plants (dying).
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I am not a vet, but a cat in heat is probably more likely to spray! Why don't you get her spayed?
After she's calmed down after being spayed, try feliway. It works pretty well. It sounds to me like she is stressed out right now. Cats often begin spraying at sexual maturity.
It may be related to her being in heat. The sooner she is spayed the better. Gail