We have a female budgie, she is getting on a bit now. Recently over the last few days she has started making squeaking noises but not moving her beak while doing them, she is eating and drinking, but these noises dont seem right. Any ideas?
When I had my budgie, he made those sounds, too. It appeared to be kind of a comfort thing for him. If the beak is closed, then the sound echoes inside the head. He did this mostly while looking in a mirror ... almost as if he was talking to another bird, and pretending the bird in the mirror was talking back to him. I got the impression that he was lonely for some bird company. Without knowing your bird, I'm not sure what her problem could be.
They seem to be great ventrilquists I often hear mine I have 2 and it takes awhile to see which one is making the noise they can be quite lound without moving at all except for thier throats surpising she hasnt always done that but I dont think it means anything bad.Good luck 2ya.