My St Bernard is around 6 months old. I have two questions which worry me a bit.

First is that though he is big enough, I feel that he hasn't got control over his urine yet. He pees a lot and quite frequently. And he never raises his one leg to pee (standard dog peeing posture).

Second is that he never licks. More than 3 months of companionship, but not one lick. He wags his tail a lot. So it isn't that he is not being friendly. Though it is quite convenient for us, but still it worries me.

Is this normal or abnormal.

Can't help you about the peeing part but I wouldn't worry about the not licking, many dogs don't lick and it's not simply just a sign of love. Some dogs lick to calm themselves down or reduce their anxiety, perhaps your dog is happy enough not to lick! Emotion: smile