I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not Star Fruit (I'd only be giving them each a small piece, probably only today and not anytime in the future) is safe for Guinea Pigs and for Rabbits? I've been looking online and it seems to be safe for pigs but I just want to make sure. I haven't been able to find anything about the safety of the fruit with rabbits though...
I've given my rabbits star fruit, but only twice, because I read to only give it rarely even though it was on a safe fruit list that I saw ages ago.They were fine afterwards.
Alright, thank you. I may give Oscar some next time then, if he wants any.
definilty a netherland dwarf i had a mixed breed of a netherland dwarf and english spotted rabbit who died of fly strike and i can tell that has some netherland dwarf
Uh, huh? ^^' I think you replied to the wrong post of mine. XD Ah well, I get what you mean. I'm pretty sure he's lionhead or something, seems to small and fluffy to be a dwarf, but you may be correct. The size of the English Spot may overrule that and I have seen a few netherland dwarfs that are pretty fluffy. So who knows?
maybe it is. i am not a bunny expert. i am a "love the dog" type of girl.