Hi All,
I've been wanting to get a tree frog. Actually, I would eventually like to get a bumblebee dart frog, but that's well into the future. For now, I am interested in riding the learning curve with a more common species.

To that end, I acquired a "leaker" 10 gal hex tank from a local pet store. I have a chunk of cork bark about 16" square that I'm going to cut up and silicone in for decoration. A little moss, a few plants, and I hope to have a functional vivarium.
In the meantime, I have been looking into different tree frog species. There's really not a whole lot of info that I've found concerning captive care of these creatures. Most of the information I'm getting is coming off of Department of Environmental Such-and-Such pages, University Biology Department pages, and State Park pages. I'm still not comfortable enough with my knowledge base to actually bring a frog home.

I do actually have a question in here somewhere..

I was hoping someone could suggest some pros/cons with the following species, keeping in mind this will be my first-ever amphibian. I've had a few reptiles, many invertebrates, and a lot of furries, but no wetskins. Suggestions, anyone?
I'm currently thinking about:
Hyla cinerea (Green Tree Frog) (pet store)
Hyla squirella (Squirrel Tree Frog) (pet store)
Bombina sp. (Fire Belly Toad) (pet store)
Pseudacris crucifer (Spring Peeper) (easily wild caught within 50 yds. of my back door)
I understand that the Fire Belly probably needs more floor space than a 10 gal hex can provide, and a greater quantity of water than the vivarium I'm making will provide. If this "introduction" works out, I'm going to attempt to build a 20 gal hex vivarium with a false bottom to recycle water.. but that's a project for another day.
If anyone has any input on the species I'm considering, I would appreciate hearing it.
Thanks for listening ;-)

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