I have a Pomeranian mix that barks whenever someone comes to visit me. As soon as she hears someone is at the door, this bow-wow starts... is there anything I can do about it? She also barks at the postman and other dogs, cats, squirrels when we walk. At almost every creature that moves. Please help with advice. I've also noticed she doesn't like it when I leave but then she doesn't bark THAT much.
From what you've writen, looks like he doesn't recognize you as a leader. So you should focus on becoming one.
I actually do not agree with the you are not a leader statement because I have a pom and a pomamoe mix and they are both the same way. I have worked very hard with mine and nothing seems to work either. Poms are very protective dogs and they like to bark I think to compensate for their little size. I used a squirt gun and it works but whatever you do don't get the dang bark off thing its just awful! Hope you find something that works for you.
The breed cannot be blamed for misbehavior. ANY breed can be very obedient or misbehave depending on how it's treated, whether it's a Chihuahua or Pit Bull. A squirt gun can help, yes, but it's just one of the tools. Another tool should be your spirit and firmness. If the dog feels he is more spirited and obstinate than you, he'll try to take over and manipulate you. Uncontrolled barking is one of the ways to manipulate by the way because people always seem to respond to that. =))
What I meant to say is that - in most cases - when the dog doesn't obey you, you're hardly the leader... the breed has nothing to do with it.