So, I went to let my dogs out to go pee and there was this stray dog just sitting there. The dog is friendly but I am concerned. Her abdomen is rigid and she is acting very lethargic. She is also thin but won't eat. I tried feeling for babies but didn't feel anything. It's almost 11 at night here so my vet isn't open. I'm a little concerned. She's in the house right now laying on our couch.
Hey Jennifer how did it go with the dog over night? Lethargy doesn't sound good poor thing, I hope she's alright and you managed to take her to the vet in the morning (well it's not morning there yet so I wish you good luck over night).
She was actually a lot better this morning. Her abdomen was no longer rigid and she had more energy. We actually found her owners. They lived right down from the road from us. Apparently, the man picked her up off the side of the road and brought her home. They fed her and I guess she got loose from her chain. He said he looked up and down that road for her for a while. I'm not really surprised she ran off. They have a rather aggressive male boxer in a kennel/chain type thing in their yard. When we took the dog back, he was going all crazy. Growling and barking and jumping up on the wire fence. If he had gotten loose he probably would've attacked me. They said he's not really aggressive, he's just territorial. They had a female boxer mix who was pretty friendly. She probably got scared of the male boxer.