I was wondering how often everyone here changes their substrate in thier snake enclosures. I spot clean every day or so, and compleatly remove all of the aspen about every two weeks. DO you think I am doing this too soon. I have been doing this for about 5 years, and It doesn't seem to cause any stress. I just do it while they are in the feeding box.
Can't tell you about snakes, but for my lizards I change it every 2-3 months.
I do a sniff test! LOL! If you spot clean and keep up with it you don't need to clean out completely as often. I dump everything once a month during the summer, less in fall and winter, somtimes more in the spring.

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Oh right, forgot to mention that I clean up the *** almost daily. K.
I use newspaper for everything but my Kenyan Sand Boa. I change the paper once a week, and clean all surfaces. 6 snakes, and it takes just an hour or so to do the change & cleaning. This includes washing & refilling the water bowls. Using any bark or mulch type substrate is just not my idea of good snake husbandry. The fluids are absorbed by the substrate, and no spot cleaning will remove them. So they crawl around for weeks in their own excrement, or the fluids that came with it. Yuck. And with newspaper, I can see when any fluids are released, and do an early change,if needed. Much more sanitary, in my opinion.