Hello to everyone. Please share your thoughts on the following situation.

I have an 8 years old female cat who is spayed. She's always been kinda prone to obesity. Not overly overweight but slightly heavier than normal anyway. He has had a lazy streak, althought hasn't refused an occasional play.

Within the past 2 months she has lost her extra weight and now is perfectly fit. Her coat, eye discharge, pooing and peeing are all fine. Drinking and eating are fine too. Also she's seemingly become more active and chase our other cat in a friendly manner very often. She's still affectionate and talkative. For some reason she now loves licking the bath tub and drinking water from the faucet although she always has plenty of fresh water in her bowl.

So I'm confused. Should I be glad that she's so active and fit or should I start worrying that she's lost weight so suddenly and her behavior changed too?
I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you see signs of his health deteriorating. Then, by all means, have him checked over by your vet.

Animals are much smarter than we sometimes want to give them credit for, and they can become sensitive to their own health issues. He may have simply realised that he's becoming obese and less healthy, and decided to take action ... literally.
Thank you! I feel much better now. Emotion: smile
You're welcome.
i wouldn't worry either ^_^ maybe it's the new cat's influence on the old one? youngsters make us feel young too ^_^
Please take her to the vet. This could be diabetes. Signs include sudden weight loss and excessive thirst. Diabetes is very easy to treat in cats, and can be reverable.
I'd have her checked out for diabetes just to be sure... and then if that test comes back normal I wouldn't worry. But please do consider getting her blood sugar checked...