my beautiful maincoon died today xmas day 2012 he went off his back legs started beathing erratically we rushed him to the vets were he died he was 2yrs old we are devastasted,she said they suffer from heart problems and he had a clot on his lung i cant say how upset we are he was a beautiful big lad but always been healthy
Noooo what a horrible thing to happen on Christmas! Emotion: sad My condolences and I wish him to rest in peace.
So sorry for the loss of your kitty, and so young. Very sad.
I found my Tom cat Boy-boy dead on the 4th Jan 2013. I don't know if some one poisoned him,I am waiting on the results From the autopsy. Last year a neighbor shot one of them with a pellet gun . We have evil neighbors sad to say. I am sorry to hear about your loss , but time heals thing and we always have the fond memories..
Sorry to read about your losses! Did you find out about your cat, have the results arrived?
so sorry for your loss. I lost my kitty Brodie June 2012. He had an enlarged heart and he got a bloodclot on his long. We had to put him down. It was devastating. I still miss him and think of him everyday.
Did you call the police? Don't let the evil *** get away with it!