I've just noticed that sunflower oil is one of the ingredients in the cat food I buy, and I've heard it has proinflammatory effects. I'm panicing a little now. Does anyone have more information about this?
Sunflower oil isn't toxic but I don't like the use of it as it's a saturated fat. And btw, flaxseed oil is not toxic but really has very little to no positive effects since cats can't process it with their livers. Sunflower oil is another one of those ingredients I get mad about since a cat's liver and pancreas are both so sensitive and we don't know what the long term use of so much saturated fat would be. I'd say in a pinch it's fine to use but wouldn't consistently do it.
Thanks, thanks helps. I probably need to change the food brand. The problem is, my cat is extremely picky and I don't know how to make him eat the new food if he refuses to.
What I do on my cats picky days is I by PureBites freeze dried treats, they're small and they crumble very easily. I crumble them up on top of my cat's food and make a food topper, they LOVE it and always gobble their food up.
You could also start by mixing the new food with the old food and gradually increasing the amount of the new one, that usually helps them get used to the taste and is also less harsh on their body Emotion: smile

Sunflower oil is NOT a saturated fat. You can tell because it is not solid at room temperature. All fats classified as saturated are solid at room temperature. Most oils are actually a combination of different fats. Sunflower Oil is only about 14% saturated fat, 39% polyunsaturated fat and 47% monounsaturated fat.