Has anyone opened a bag of Swheat Scoop lately and found it exceptionally powdery/dusty? I have, didn't think anything about it, used it, and wound up with a $700+ vet bill for two dehydrated cats who were probably ingesting this powder while grooming, which I later realized actually stuck to my hand in a film. I took some to Petco and they agreed it was abnormal. I phoned Swheat customer service on Thursday, May 27, 2010, and they said they had just changed out a screen in their plant 3 days earlier, which had a bigger hole than they realized until they changed it. Cats have different litter now, and are putting weight back on. Can't prove it's related to Swheat, but blood tests showed no cause. I wrote Swheat to consider a recall, and wonder if I shouldn't be cautioning folks - if so, how? Maybe somebody more computer literate than I can pass this along? I have saved the last Swheat bag, and sent a baggie of it to Swheat.

Page Williams, Houston TX

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I can't believe it was a Swheat Scoop issue, considering Swheat Scoop is 100% ground wheat, the dust would be wheat and edible. We have used Swheat Scoop for years with no ill effects to our cat.
Hi Page,

I'm sorry to read about your experience with our product. It sounds like you are a first time user. The screen you speak of has nothing to do with the fact that wheat is 100% digestible, I've been eating my litter for 17 years. Swheat Scoop is 100% safe and had nothing to do with your cats illness, maybe it was the litter they were using previously and "probably ingesting"? Clay? The powder you refer to is the natural starch and enzymes found inside the wheat kernel which provides the clumping and odor control, a natural process. There is nothing to "recall", you may wish to re-check your facts before "cautioning folks".

Mark Hughes


Swheat Scoop all natural wheat litter
I have confirmed from my local grocery store and Target that this product HAS been recalled. The other comments stated you should check first, but you never stated there was actually a recall. You stated that you wrote them to consider a recall. Later the company did indeed recall Swheat Scoop. I think the other commenters should read your post before they start slinging mud...or kitty litter.
We just switched to Swheatscoop for my 14 yo cat and we are very happy with the product. I know it is edible and 100% natural.
I don't care how "digestible" a litter product is, if it's ground into a powdery dust, it's going to be inhaled by cats and is therefore unsafe. And Mark Hughes' patronizing statement, "[t]here is nothing to 'recall', you may wish to re-check your facts before 'cautioning folks' merely demonstrates ignorance.
Sorry to hear you had an issue. I've used it for years and have had nothing but good results.

Dave in MO
My Target store told me there never was a recall. Bad communications within Target, I guess.
May 25, 2013
I have been using Swheat Scoop for about a year. A few times along the way, I noticed some dark spots in the freshly poured litter, and thought it was simply a part of the wheat from processing.
The most recent bag of Swheat Scoop I bought seemed to be "clumpy" when I poured it into the bin I store it in, and now that I read your post, yes, they were somehow dusty clumps.
Yesterday in bright daylight when I scooped the Swheat Scoop into the completely clean and fresh litter box, I saw a moth-like insect inside - only with really long legs. I sifted through the litter and found at least a hundred of these 'dusty clumps' and several more insects.
In retrospect, the week of April 28, 2013 my 2 year old cat started having an issue with his bum, it looked 'messy' which is a first. He's been a completely clean cat since he was a kitten.
I took out his totally botannical safe kitten shampoo and gave him a little sponge bath. I thought the problem was gone. His playfulness was back and he was his usual self until a couple days ago. He seems frustrated, didn't sleep and play quietly the past couple of nights, and today I noticed his bum looks 'messy' again.
I'll be taking my cat to the vet this week and calling Swheat Scoop on Tuesday morning, after the holiday.
Glad to find your post.

Camarillo, CA
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