my 10 year old cat has a swollen bottom lip but this isnt the first time its happened so it cant be an insect bite. now i suspect it could be some sort of herpes but i dont know if cats can even get that?
There is such a problem as feline herpes but its symptoms include sneezing, eye and nasal discharge, conjunctivitis, fever, loss of appetite, ulceration of the mouth and tongue, etc. A very nasty thing. If your cat is free from these symptoms, I don't think it has herpes.
But it can be an allergy. Does it happen after you give it a new type of treat or food? Have you changed floor cleaners recently? Are its food bowls made of plastic? Try to think of anything that may cause an allergy and eliminate the possible reasons one by one. If swelling persists, show your cat to a vet.
No sneezing or any of the other symptoms. What are some allergy symptoms?
There can be no allergy symptoms other than a swollen lip. If you're still not sure it's an allergy better take your cat to a vet.
Food allergies are a common reason for the lower lip of a cat to be swollen. Try to slowly switch your cat onto a higher quality diet. Avoid food with grains and give preference to holistic food. Swelling can as well be caused by other reasons such as severe acne and even cancer but it doesn't sound like it's your case. It wouldn't just have gone away if it was cancer, and you'd have noticed ulcers on the chin if it was acne.
OK thank you next time it happens I will take her to the vet. I'll also try and pay more attention to possible triggers.