My 4 yr old male syberian husky just but my husband hard last night. He was sitting next to him on the couch and held his front paw. Smoki snapped at him and he grabbed it again and yelled at him. That's when he got bit. Why would this happen out of the blue. Smoki snaps at me if I get to close to his paws or tail but has never bit me. What should we do about this?
The answer is obvious.
Don't grab his paw, and don't yell at him and grab it again after he shows he doesn't like it.
I'm surprised you don't see the fault in your own story there; your husband deserved full well to be bitten if your dog warned him once. Dogs can be trained, tamed, and more or less controlled, but they have feelings and you need to respect them.

You can try taking him to a calm, relaxed place and practice touching his paws and tail and immediately following the touches with a treat, but if he shows no improvement or still snaps, just avoid touching him there.

Do NOT grab at him again and yell at him for snapping after he warned you to leave him alone. That's the best way to lose your dog's trust and make him dangerous to other people or children who get too near his paws.