I wanted to post this to my "Why are crows smart " thread that I started a few minutes ago, but I think this one deserves a separate topic. Do you believe this revan really talks or it's fake? I really don't know what to think. [:^)]

I can't believe my ears. Totally confused!

I can't believe my ears! I am also confused, Lauren... they look real indeed, but I have never heard crows or ravens talking like that! Astounding. Thanks for posting this.
No, it's no fake. There's a store on my way when I go to mountains. The keepshopper has a raven. Can't remember it's name now. The raven stayed outside during summer and inside when cold weather. It is incredible how many words that raven knows. Turists talked to the bird and that bird learned a lot of words and pronounced them very correctly, in different languages not only Italian. I love birds. I have many pictures and videos of birds. I like observing them. I observed ravens for ours. I love observing birds! The think I like most is that they are always a couple, they move always in two.