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Thank you thank you.. Emotion: smile hehe here are some pictures of him, taken when we brought him home at 9 weeks. need to update them. www.geocities.com/kepytan/My Photos.html

He is quite handsome guy! I know you must be very proud.
We call them "the boys" and "Twins" like the movie. Its funny seeing a GSD and a lab-mix (9 months ... I liked it best when his ears were sticking straight out to the side.. He looked like a little airplane.

It happens. It is just one of those things with GSD's and their ears when they are puppies. My GSD's ears were up from 7 weeks and never flopped. I never got any funny,cute photos of flopping.

It all depends you know.
Again Congrats on your boy.
We've got a 4 month old GSD who's ears have not come up and it doesn't appear as though they're ... to do it? We've had GSD before, but never had to tape the ears up. Thanks for any help. BobJ

I really don't know why breeders recommend that for such a young. I'd talk to a vet or a breeder who has been in the GSD business for years.

Large dogs typically have floopy-ear issues for longer than the smaller dogs.
How big is your dog? How big are his/her ears?
There is an entire forum devoted to the subject here: http://www.germanshepherds.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=forum;f=45

I went through the same thing with my GSD, Duke. He's a large male. At 5 months, one ear was always floppy. All of his brothers and sisters had their ears up, but they were smaller Like you, I considered taping until someone told me that most of the calcium in their bodies is currently being consumed by bone development and new teeth.
Unless the breeders you are consulting with know your dog and can actually see something about his ears that concerns them (like no stability at the base of the ear), don't worry about it until about 2-3 weeks after the dog is done teething. IE - has all his adult teeth in.
For reference, here are some photos.

5 months old: (floppy ear)

Notice that his ears have a solid base though.
I think your dog is probably going to be fine if his ears are flopping on the top of his head..
He stopped teething, if I remember right at about 6 months.
7 months old: (notice the jack-rabbit ears!)
8 months old:
9 months old:
Warning - it used to be common practice for breeders to give PetCal or other forms of calcium to help ears stand, and you'll still see that recommended in outdated sources. Don't do it because it greatly increases pano.
Lynn K.
Is this still Rayden having the ear problems?

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Is this still Rayden having the ear problems?

nope, this one isnt mine. Rayden's ears still arent up though.. Im still ok with it hehe Breeder said that if they arent up after he finishes teething, she will tape them for us. He has a good strong base on his ears; I think its just that he keeps them folded flat back across his head when he runs. And he's always running! Emotion: smile
Breeder said to give him lots of chewies and just let them do as they wish. She's only had 1 pup whose ears WOULDNT stand, so Im optimistic that Rayden wont be the 2nd.
He's getting huge though! 30lbs at his vet visit the other day. Started him on heartworm and had to exchange the tablet that comes in the puppy pack because he weighed too much. He's already knee high (yet another nickname )