I am happy to report that Nemo is progressing nicely on learning how to catch. While she still misses a lot, she's nearing the 40% mark. Miss Bella is helping by grabbing every treat that Nemo misses as a motivation exercise. Nemo also got extra credit this morning for sitting pretty, another trick we've been working on. She had been doing that sleepwalking kind of thing with her forelegs stuck straight out, but today she did a "regulation" sit pretty. She is also getting very good at waiting at the top of the steps so humans may descend first, which includes a "blind" stay.
We know she's a smart and clever girl, but it feels like we are beginning to decode the basics - she's becoming more interested and willing to work with us. Perhaps we go about things backwards, but both of us believe that we need to teach some easy tricks to establish communication.

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