What is a teddy bear hamster? A breed or what? I've heard about them several times but I still can't understand what that means.
if I ain't mistaken a teddy bear hamster is another name for a syrian hamster!
What minnie said is true! They have a lot of different names. They're just long-haired fluffy hamsters, but they're super cute.
boyquail They have a lot of different names.
This made me wonder what other names they have... Emotion: thinking and why so many for the same creature.
I've heard them called golden hamsters, teddy bear hamsters, fancy hamsters, and Syrian hamsters (which is what they really are). Pet stores usually call them different names to make them seem exotic and better than other hamsters, so they can sell more Emotion: big smile Lots of animals are like that, though.
That makes sense. Thank you for your reply. Emotion: smile