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you were under mandatory evacuation,right?
Nah. Within each parish, there are high and low spots. Even St. Charles Parish has some high spots. It all depends where you are in relation to the river, wind and levee.
But my spot where I live is pretty good. (the upper tit of Terrebonne Parish, adjacent to Thibodaux)
Our rental property across the street is full of mature water oaks. Beautiful trees. I gave them all an expensive haircut last year, and we had no limbs or trees down.
Each storm and your location is different.
Honestly? It wasn't the alarm factor as much as the fact that is was a category 4/5. There's no fooling ... them.The ones on my property have been cleared a lot,but on one side of me is an undeveloped forest. Terri

Well I think the people in Pensacola would have a whole different view of . From
all appearances it was hit pretty hard considering a category 3 hurricane. Had
Ivan come in at Port Arthur, Texas, New Orleans would have been hit as hard as Pensacola. But it didn't and they knew that hours in advance.

And a category 5 I would be long, long gone. But I know many a native New Orleans person who would be partying with Hurricanes in hand walking down Canal Street or whatever. I have known to many and one of the biggest things is often Hurricane chasing. Very similar to tornado chasing. Some people get a rush off of living very dangerously. And way too many people say "it'll never happen to me" Famous last words.
I am glad you, Paul, Susan F and Perry all faired well and Ivan didn't even really scratch New Orleans. I do love that city. It's got so much history and romance.
(Although, personally, I think I'd have plywood cut and set aside for each window. I can't imagine what flying glass would do to the groceries on the shelves. ) ~~Judy When life gives you lemons, ask for tequila and salt.

Most people do plywood now, unless it is all sold old. Duct tape is just too much
of a mess to get off in this heat and humidity. Plywood is something you can keep for
years already cut for the next time around.
BTW,I'm putting together a Duct Tape Removal party. You're both invited.

You know, it took me a minute to figure out there was duct tape anywhere. I think that it has been applied artistically enough that you can leave them alone, no matter what Shelly says.
Good to have you back.
My favorite Pontchartrain song goes: This pain Is deeper than the Pontchartrain Now that I'm alone again...

Didn't we cover this once? I think I said I was skeptical of the depth of his pain,because the lake is only around 20-30 feet or so.

Yes, we discussed this before, but that doesn't mean I can't also discuss it when someone starts a "favorite Lake Pontchartrain song" conversation. Hon, if people can only discuss something once on usenet, this whole froup here is SOL, know what I'm sayin'?

"Imagine! The sky BLACK with Battletractors, and an eerie silence broken only by their incessant droning, and the buzzing of bees returning home to roost." John Burrage
Did you see that Florida may be getting another one? The weather channel just stated that yet another one after Jeanne is developing,too.

I can't believe this season! I have http://www.nhc.noaa.gov / on my favorites list, so I can get to it quickly. You can check the path of any impending hurricane there. And yep, Jeanne apparently wants to hit shore at the nearest section of coast.
They're coming after ME, I think. :}
Canine Action Dog Trainer
My Kids, My Students, My Life:
Shelly has already been kind enough to point out that some of it has been applied in a crooked manner.

i couldn't help myself. it's an unfortunate byproduct of OCD. but, i hope i've redeemed myself by taking care of that pesky hubby's-asstacular-boss problem.

shelly (perfectly foul wench) and elliott & harriet http://home.bluemarble.net/~scouvrette

Now is the time to tell of the prophecy I read in the mashed potatoes, although I won't go into that right now. Rasputina
Tim-the tool man-Taylor?


shelly (perfectly foul wench) and elliott & harriet http://home.bluemarble.net/~scouvrette

To light a candle is to cast a shadow.
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you could just leave the duct tape in place and name your home Man House.

Tim-the tool man-Taylor?

Nah. Call it Possum Lodge and change your name to Red...
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