Choose an answer that you think to be correct. Then check your answers. Good luck! Emotion: geeked

1. Milk is bad for cats but okay for kittens.

2. All cats hate water.

3. What is a cat's normal body temperature (in average)?

4. What is a cat's extra toe called?

5. At what age do cats teach their kittens what to fear?

6. In the dark, cats can see better than humans.

7. Dogs can eat cat food but cats shouldn't eat dog food.

8. What is a cat's normal heart rate at rest?

9. When is a kitten's immune system developed?

10. Which cat would have the best chance of beating a car in a race?

8/10 for me, not too shabby. This is great as it can really build up my knowledge of cats.
7 out of 10. Better than I thought! But not great.
Hmm, cat food usually includes more taurine than dog food, which is not really good of necessary for dogs. Cat food also has (usually and talking about good quality food) higher nutricional values and higher protein values that are considered optimal for dogs ...

For these reasons I cannot agree with the answer about cats and dogs eating the others food ... Emotion: smile
10/10 ... I guess I did okay.