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My fave is Ragdoll
I agree... I had my Maine Coon for 17 yrs. He was buff colored and have six toes on each paw. Raised him from 8 wks and just had to put him to sleep because he was having trouble breathing and xrays showed lungs filled with fluid. Miss him terribly.
We still think that Ocicats are the most beautiful, but Abys are great too, and since they are one of the foundation breeds that went into creating the Oci we love them too. And from everything I read, they have wonderful playful personalities just like Ocis.
I love Birmans. They top every breed. 1. They weren't bred cruely. 2. They are long-haired and when it comes to beauty long-fur is everything in my opinion. 3. They actually have legends about them! 4. They look a bit like long-haired Saimeses and as far as I know Saimeses are very popular. 5. Have you seen them!! They are beatuful, their blue eyes, fluffy tail and elegant appearance. And their kits are so cute!
I quite like grey cats too! ~ Do you like Warrior cats or have you heard of it?
Egyptian maus are one of my faves too. They're super fast which I love. Makes them look like a Cheetah I think.