Hi all! I have rather a silly question: what do you think the most beautiful cat breed/appearance is? It's clear that tastes differ but hey come on, share your opinion and tell us about your preferences! Emotion: happy As to me, I like tabby and white cats most of all, regardless the breed. Other ones can be very cute too but tabbies&whites - awww!
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I love Maine Coons most of all! They look like little furry tigers with their look so majestic. Emotion: smile
Devon Rex are best!!!
I think cats in general are beautiful animals regardless of the breed but I like any Oriental breeds! Love cats that have short fur long legs long face and big ears preferably dark colored! My dream cat is a black Oriental Shorthair I just think they are so graceful Emotion: loveI also like any gray colored cats Emotion: smile
We are really fans of the spotted breeds (not hybrids), specifically Egyptian Maus and Ocicats. Both have striking spotted coats, and also have wonderful personalities. Our daughters surprised us with an adult Oci for Christmas, and she has been an absolute delight! Very well behaved and very playful, and of course just strikingly beautiful. We are so taken with Saphira that we are going to pick up a playmate for her this weekend, another Oci of course!
What people deem beautiful depends on their taste.
This is practically impossible to tell which breeds are the most beautiful of all time.
I think the most beautiful cats are Abyssinians. They're so lean and their coat is awesome. Emotion: smile
Well, as I said in an earlier post, we love Egyptian Maus and Ocicats, but from the research I did after our first Oci joined our family (surprise Christmas gift from our daughters), Abys sound pretty neat too. Of course they are one of the foundation breeds that went into creating the Ocicat breed. Suspect that may be part of where the Ocis get their extreme playfulness from. If we did not love Ocis so much (we adopted a second one recently to give our "Christmas gift" a playmate), we would certainly think about an Aby.
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