What do you guys think, is it really possible? This article claims that Lucy is the oldest cat in the world, with 39 years! THIRTY NINE! Emotion: surprise

"A family has discovered their cat is the oldest in the world after reaching its 39th birthday.

Pet Lucy was born way back in 1972 when Ted Heath was Prime Minister and petrol was 33p a gallon.
Cat experts say she has clocked up the equivalent of 172 human years - and cats live to be about 15 on average which means Lucy has more than doubled her life expectancy.

Lucy is still fit as a fiddle - and catches mice in the garden. Owner Bill Thomas, 63, inherited Lucy when his wife's Godmother Maria Lewis died in 1999...."

Read more at the dailymail .
What a wonderful story. I don't know what to think. 172 human years is a bit long.
Wonderful story! If you read the entire article, the current record holder is a cat from Texas that lived for over 38 years, so it's very possible that this is the new record holder.
Wow that's really incredible! Maybe cats will start living longer just like humans are.
anythings possible i wouldnt mind my cat living that long Emotion: smile
Wow! It sounds incredible but it can as well be true, indeed. Emotion: surprise