Hi there.
I grew up with cats and I'd really like to have one myself now. I live with my husband who doesn't mind them as such, but we have quite expensive furniture which the cat could ruin so that's the one thing that stops him from giving his full ok.
Errr, now I'm stuck and I suppose he's right, the chances of a cat ruining some of our things are quite high but I guess I'm hoping for some ideas of how I can prevent this.
I've read about soft paws but I can't put those on when it's a kitten right? Clipping nails will still cause damage if the cat is naughty and persistent. Help me!
Yeah, I don't know how to get around it. For me, my cats don't claw my furniture because it's microfiber. As long as it's not the rough material or leather that they can poke holes in, they don't claw it at all. Curtains are a whole other ball game, I can't have any plants, for a long time I couldn't have anything nice. My nice table that was brand new is now shabby sheik. sigh. When Alex died I went without any pets for 3 months, I vowed no more pets because losing her destroyed me. I started making this place my own again! I was happy to be able to put what I wanted where I wanted it. But I was also extremely lonely and didn't have the fun I have now with Finney and Lacey. You need to weigh the pros and cons and nothing good comes without sacrifice. Being a pet parent means being a pet slave. Emotion: big smile
Emotion: crying no hope for me then, our couch is very destroyable !
You are right about the pet slave part, and that's exactly what my husband doesn't like and tolerate.
If I'm not mistaken soft paws can fit most kittens by the time they reach 16 weeks (4 months) and some can wear them even at 12 weeks. Can you get an older kitty? If not how about not letting him in the rooms where your most expensive furniture is until he grows up to wear soft paws? Soft paws alone won't be enough though you'll have to redirect his energy, to play with him often, to provide him with scratching posts and cat trees. In the end of the day a LOT depends on every particular cat's personality and apparently for you it would be a good idea to look for a cat with a more mellow personality. Emotion: smile
Ohhhh, this doesn't sound like a good situation. I hope something can be worked out. You know there are other things that can be done. There's some pet bitter spray that stops them from going after the furniture or other things, get some double sided sticky tape and put it on the places that he goes, they don't like that. Use a squirt bottle with water to tell him no when he does it.
It really depends on the cat.. some cats will claw anything anytime some wont at all.. my cat doesn't use his nails for nothing not to attack not to scratch but since he's hairless we use soft paws for him to not scratch himself and its really great.
There are a couple of solutions, As a kitten you can get him used to trimming and filing his nails , you should make sure to play with his paws all the time and touch and pet them constantly! (I also recommend doing this with his belly, Don't know if you ever noticed it but a lot of cats hate being touched in their paws and belly or even back, older cats can result to aggression if they feel too uncomfortable with this, a cat that is used to it since a young age will be much more relaxed) getting him used to that at a young age will help you trim his nails or even put soft paws when he gets older.

Soft paws by the way come in all sizes, from kitten size to large dog size so of course you can put them on a kitten, just get the right size I do think you should wait until he is at least a few months old before starting though because I used the smallest size and I would say it would fit a 3-4 month old kitten not younger, but until then again, you can trim and file his nails make them round so he won't do any damage. (kittens should be separated from their mothers only at around 10-12 weeks anyways so you might have to wait only a month or so before they fit him.. they might fit him right away)

I got my current cat when he was only 3 weeks of age.. and as far as I recall he only started scratching at around 4 months and even that he did (and still does) in his litter box.. so I wouldn't worry too much

You can also get him used to scratching posts, of course with positive reinforcement and never scolding because if you scold a cat he will do the opposite haha

Also as alfinnlay mentioned you can use sticky tape, or foil (anything that will make him feel uncomfortable) to prevent him from going on the couch (even kitchen counters). I do not believe in using a spray bottle though, the idea is to make him scared of the object or uncomfortable with it not to make him scared of you.. spray bottles are just like yelling, he's not afraid of the object he is afraid of you yelling/spraying him so he avoids doing that behavior around you since he knows whats gonna happen, but once your not around he will be right back on that couch! if he's afraid or uncomfortable with being on the couch he will just avoid it altogether.
there are things like air bottles though that go on automatically. you put it on the counter for example and when the cat passes by it it blows strong air at their face .. but I never tried those before, I think sticky tape or foil will do the trick.

so yeah whatever you decide to do there are many solutions, millions of people have cats at home, you can be sure not all of them are spending all day worrying about the cat tearing up the house, its just a natural thing for them to scratch, if you provide them with solutions like soft paws (which they can still do the motion of scratching with but without making any damage) or a scratching post there is no reason for you to worry Emotion: smile
Thank you all for your really nice answers and taking the time to help me Emotion: smile
Foil and tape won't be an option because there's too much couch and kitchen top area to cover Emotion: embarrassedand that's again something my husband doesn't want because he's like "this is MY house, why should I put foil everywhere?!" Emotion: big smile

I wanted a small cat, I'm in love with the Singapura breed, but they are probably too active.

Maybe I just have to wait it out and ask him again in 10 years when our furniture is "old" Emotion: big smile
Mine didn't want a cat either but eventually he gave in and we got Randy and now he loves him just as much as I do. That's probably just a fear or unwillingness of more responsibility and more work around the house. If he doesn't hate pets in general and if your desire to have a cat is very strong I'm sure you both will find a way.
Is it that important to you to get a 2 month old instead of a 4 month old? 2-3 month old cat's are actually pretty boring anyways, There are compromises to be made though I had neat freak boyfriend I lived with when I got my cat so I know what you are talking about, But try and talk to your husband and see if you two can reach an agreement of what he can tolerate. If you have an extra room in the house or a fairly large bathroom you can keep the cat in there while your not watching him a lot of people do this while training kittens to use the litter box (because it is easier on them to learn in a small area) and this way you can take him out when you are watching him and can prevent any furniture from getting damaged (again if you do insist on getting a young kitten this will only last a month or so until you can use soft paws) so yeah try and talk to him you know him best and try and come to an agreement Emotion: smile