why does my cat only drink the water fromn the toilet and refuse to drink from a normal bowl?
That's a question I still seek an answer to!
I don't know but I wouldn't ever let my cats drink out of the toilet bowl. The chemicals you use to clean that bowl are very, very toxic! Bleach being one of them. It all doesn't get flushed down the toilet, I'm sure there's residue that stays in the bowl, especially with the new ones that are gel and are supposed to stick to the bowl.
In my case drinking happens when it's been long since I cleaned the toilet. When it's clean they won't do it. Queer, isn't it? I try to prevent that but you can never know where you cat is at a particular moment.
Wild cat would probably drink from a lake and not a bowl, also wild cat's hardly ever actually drink they get most of their liquid from the live meat they eat, domesticated cats mostly eat dry kibble so its more of a struggle for us to make an animal that usually doesn't drink -drink!

cats still have a lot of wild traits and they tend to like moving fresh water.. the toilet water is always fresh (well at least to them Emotion: super angry) and runs when you flush it and it just attracts them!
Eliot NEVER drinks from his bowl EVER! and I even go about putting ice in his water and change it all the time for him he just wont drink it! He does go to people's cups and drink their iced water from there so sometimes I pretend to make myself an cup with iced water I take a sip and just put it on the table and pretend I didn't see him drink from it and thats how I get him to drink! lol my mom even got him this fancy water fountain with running water but he just plays with the little lights in it!! Emotion: rock

I also feed him a cucumber once a week (very healthy for indoor cats that don't munch on grass as well as a great source of water!) and 2 meals of wet food every day so that's where most his water comes from, So if your cat is kind of open to new stuff try including wet food and cucumbers in his meals. if they are not you can always mix a bit in their dry food to get them used to the taste. either way this is very good for them. if your cat already eats wet food don't bother trying to make him drink he will be fine without it Emotion: smile
Cucumbers are not healthy for cats, vegetables shouldn't be fed to cats unless they're cooked and only certain ones. I run a website for sick cats and I see way too many people feeding things that don't belong in a cat's diet. I've got vets working with me who will tell you cats are obligate carnivores and veggies are not needed in the diet. Most pet food companies already put too many veggies in their diet and some of them are incredibly bad for them. I see this a lot and I can't stress enough to please be careful what you feed your cats. I have friends that have lost kitties because of feeding certain things. Although cucumbers are not toxic, they don't need them and I don't encourage adding things like that to their meals. Don't get them used to eating things that don't belong in their diets.
never heard of cucumbers being bad for cats or killing cats don't know where you got that from as I said cats eat grass all the time and its not important to them health wise they won't get any nutrition from it because its mostly water but it is good for them to eat them one in awhile just like they eat grass which helps their digestion and a cat will not die from eating a cucumber the topic here is cats not drinking water and cucumbers are great source of water and good for digestion, its well known that cats are carnivores but as i said a cat that eats a diet based on kibble and does not drink is very dangerous and they can get sick very easily if you don't find ways to keep them hydrated, and if you know so much about cats health you should know this. there are foods that are extremely bad for cats and should absolutely not be fed (milk for example veggies like tomatos or lettuce) but that's why you should check before you feed anything to them. my cat is extremely sensitive to foods and does not take a lot of things well so believe me I've taken much time to know what is good for him what he should and should not eat and have struggled with his wright and bowl movement since he was very young (and not because I was doing anything wrong just because I had to find the best food for him, I went through many different expensive foods) and what is really not and cucumbers are very healthy for indoor cats like I explained above. again you should not feed your cat things they should not eat but saying they don't eat veggies at all no matter what is very untrue, I'ts ok to say that you should check but saying everything is not good is just wrong you should feed your cat whats best for them and what keeps them healthy just because one thing is not good doesn't make everything not good, think a bit. I've also asked my vets btw and they said its perfectly fine and healthy I don't know what your vets told you but as long as I know its ok I don't really mind.
You know what? This is a forum of really nice people who do not speak to each other this way. I DID NOT say they were bad for cats or toxic. I've never in my life heard of feeding cats cucumbers for water or digestion and if you'd like I could go and get my colleague Dr. Lisa Pierson of catinfo.org to tell you the same. I am not going to fight with a 19 year old about my knowledge of feline health. My pain is fresh and I work hard on my website to help keep cats healthy after losing mine so please do not be rude to me or anyone else. I don't appreciate it. I did not say they should never eat vegetables at all.
"Cucumbers are not healthy for cats, vegetables shouldn't be fed to cats unless they're cooked and only certain ones." this is exactly what you said, as I said I don't know where your knowledge is from and I speak from my experience I've taken care of many animals before and have fed veggies to many of them my age doesn't reflect anything. I do not respect people canceling things because that's what they believe or know i believe they should be open to new information if they consider themselves knowing. I did not say you don't know or don't have experience I just don't think you should cancel things so drastically. sorry if i sounded rude it wasn't my intention at all english is not my first language so what I say may not come out sounding like i really mean it. I'm not disagreeing with you I just don't think you should cancel just because that's what you know. you said you never heard of feeding cat's cucumbers but it doesn't mean if you didn't hear of it it is wrong don't you think? my mom and my grandmother all were cat breeders and have always fed their cats cucumbers (a lot of other veggies are extremely bad for them and toxic believe me i know that and its not only veggies, i'm not some crazy person who will feed her animals whatever just because they look at you with cute eyes) but there are veggies that are good for them as i explained about cucumbers (and i've mentioned only that because i KNOW its good and not toxic or unhealthy but exactly the oppisete) . I believe that as someone who works with cats and their diet you should be open to learning and searching new information, there are a lot of new discovery's that even not all vets know yet that are really important like old fashioned vets that tell people to feed their pets milk, wet bread or kibble soaked with water, this is extremely unhealthy especially for little kittens who should not be drinking cow milk (!!!), its not always good to stick to what you know. yes if you want you can get dr. lisa to EXPLAIN to me why its unhealthy, but telling me she never heard of it proves nothing, my vets have heared of it and siad it was fine so who should i listen to? my cat who is much healthier eating them and my vets who know it is good or your vet who didn't hear of it so shes basically neutral ? Emotion: smile would be happy to read your website if you have some info about raw diet btw