Your rantings are getting more and more deranged. Now you show a quote by a civilian by the name of Dave Sweeney amidst allegations of fraud directed at me. You DO realise that I am not Dave Sweeney dont you jerry? Or is that another one of your delusions?
I know you have disorders with your own multiple personalities and hide behind several personas within this list. The other people who have nothing to hide dont have to use that technique to get others to read their posts. If I was on a forum where the majority of people blocked my posts because they thought I had nothing to add or that I was not professional, I certainly would not resort to multiple personas to get myself read. I would take the hint.
Here in Australia we have a saying about people like you... "Experience talks, *** walks." As you seem unable to take the hint from normal people and walk away, those same people have blocked you in their droves. Now any normal person would take the hint, because of your condition I guess you are unable to do that either. So settle back and get used to it.
When you are able to send me an adult email, (devoid of childish word pictures) and containing sensible questions (as opposed to nonsensical allegations) and without making any assumptions about what I do then maybe, just maybe, you might get an answer from me. Until that time you will just be treated as the joke that you are.

If you have any rantings to direct to Mr Sweeney then feel free to do so. I am not him, he is not me (simple enough for you to understand?) and like me I doubt he is stupid enough to take you seriously either.

Grant 'The Paw Man' Teeboon
Police Dog Handler - RAAF

26 yrs service.ICQ# 12854070