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Should something make a squirrel like sound, they can clear a table ofwine glasses without being underneath it at the time - just jockeying for position to be first at the window.

Ack. You just reminded me of something.
I've GOT to wash my bedroom window.
Somehow, there are dog nose prints about *my* face level on the window.
There are trees about 15' away from the bedroom window, and we have loads of squirrels. The dogs race through the house, and when we are away, they will jump onto the bed. Then, they stand there, hind feet on the bed, front feet on the window sill, noses pressed against the glass. (They also do this when we come home from work as well)
Even if I make my bed, it's mussed and anywhere from 5-10" closer to the wall each day.
Shelly & The Boys