I have three dogs. Just got the new pup as some of you know. But, having had older dogs and the occasional accident even with the old guys, which to be frank would be my fault, I let it go. I should have let the animal out sooner or been around to let him out. But, as I say, I will let it pass. I kknow whos crapped since the dogs are a different size.
If it happens a second time, and there is no excuse, or I think the dog has just gotten lazy, then I pick the poop up in a plasitc bag and show it to the dog. I dont shout and scream or lose my temper, or rub its nose in it. (just incase anyone thinks I would) but just calmly show the dog. (a dog knows its own crap) and say NO. THen walk away and dump it. Dog doesnt crap again. Sometimes I think an older just needs a reminder. Unless of course there is a problem. medical or other wise
Nice one Trog - me too (except I say 'look at that' with a sort of sad and disapointed tone in my voice)