Hey all. Im doing a 10 minute teaching session as a part of my certificate in adult teaching course. (biggining teaching) And I thought I would talk about two styles of dog training. More aimed at teaching your dog to be good pet and well behaved and not so much into teaching obedience training.

Now, I personally favour Roger Mugfords way of training yer pet pooch over the likes of Barbara Woodhouse. Kind of prefer to think of me dog as me pal when out with him (Roger Mugford) as opposed to bellowing an instruction at him (Barbara Woodhouse).
Why am I telling you this ? Well I just thought I'd mention it to you all and see if I can get some responces as I may be able to use. A pearl of wisdom or a pointer or two.
what do you guys think of Mugford and Whitehouse.
Hi TiddsPersonally, if I was completely incompetent and niave and had no idea about dog training, I would use Mugfords' method. We sell his Halti at work to people who buy dogs. However, after using Jerry Howes manual for almost a year I have devised my own method of training which incorporates teaching your pet to be well behaved and being obedient. . They are conditioned the same way a parent conditions a child. Parents will create behavioural problems in a child (and for the rest of his life) if, when they child is doing something, they always look at the negative aspects.

"Why didn't you get the extra 10% on your test? You missed a spot of paint on your model train etc..." Believing that this will drive him to improve himself, but it doesnt, because we don't think like that. But, as I do with the dogs i train, if you use the theory that. "Thats wonderful! But its even better if you do it this way!". This is how i train my dogs. You MUST praise all behaviour. Doesn't matter if good or bad. They will always want to please you, and if they can do it in a better way, they pick it up alot quicker.

When I was studying my vet nursing certificate, my behavioural studies teacher was trying to teach us that you must SCREAM IN THE DOGS FACE TO GET IT UNDER CONTROL. Wow. Her and I spent nearly 2 hours arguing infront of the class. Not to mention I was the only male in a class of 20. But we won't go into that !hehe Needless to say I managed to make her see the light about getting dogs to calm themselves. She now keeps a copy of Jerrys manual on her desk for reference.

Huh. Amazing!
We have behavioural therapists for dogs. Everyone knows this. We also have behavioural therapists for people. Did you know that? No, they are not psychologists. They "train" people, who'se parents mistreated them, to be able to socialise and be in society, get into the workforce, be able to live with a spouse, even teach fathers who were abused how not to abuse their wife and children.. Now. How would that work if THEY SCREAMED IN THEIR CLIENTS FACES when they did something wrong? No. They comfort them, reassure them, praise them and ask them to try again.


Nevyn E.D.
Veterinary Nurse & Animal Trainer
"You can judge a man's heart by his treatment of animals"
thanks for that nevyn. Doing this training course brings other motivational stuff to the fore. Years ago I took management papers. doing this course in adult teaching it's amazing to see the same names coming up in how people learn and what motivates them. McClelland, Maslow. Well, anyway, as you have suggested, theres little difference in how we train adults, kids or dogs.
pardon ?