I was reading about amino acids and came across something interesting. Has anyone tried threonine supplementation to aid in treatment of hepatic lipidosis?
"A precursor of glycine and serine, threonine is present in the heart, central nervous system, and skeletal muscle, and helps to prevent fatty buildup in the liver."

Altered hepatic metabolism of free fatty acid in rats fed a threonine-imbalanced diet.
Fukuda N, Hidaka T, Toda T, Sugano M.
Department of Biological Resource Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Miyazaki University.The effects of a threonine-imbalanced diet (8% casein supplemented with 0.3% methionine, TI) on the ketone body production and the secretion rate of lipids were examined in the isolated perfused rat liver. Feeding a TI diet compared to an 8% casein (C) diet resulted in an enlargement of liver, presumably due to 2-4-fold accumulation of triglyceride. Serum triglyceride likewise increased significantly in rats fed a TI diet. No significant difference was found in the other lipid components both in serum and liver.

When the livers from rats fed C or TI diets were isolated and perfused in the presence of an exogenous oleate substrate, the TI diet decreased the ketone body production and conversely increased the secretion rate of triglyceride, suggesting an inverse relationship between rates of ketogenesis and triglyceride secretion. The proportion of oleate in the perfusate triglyceride obtained at the end of perfusion was comparable between the C and TI groups, whereas in the post-perfused liver it was higher in the former than in the latter, suggesting a stimulatory effect of the TI diet on the secretion of the oleate in the form of triglyceride.

These results indicate that altered hepatic metabolism of long-chain free fatty acids between the pathways of oxidation and esterification is one of the causative factors for triglyceride accumulation in the liver produced by threonine imbalance.
PMID: 2129040 (PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE)

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